Two Island Lake

On the first day on the ranch we introduce you to the horses an on your first ride in the surroundings you come across the wilderness for the first time. After a day’s ride we arrive at the superbly situated mountain lake on the next day. A rustic log cabin is our base camp for the next few days. We explore Anvil Mountains and Groundhog Creek Valley on horseback. On our day’s ride to Sherwood Lake the rainbow trout are waiting for us – the record of 53 cm is still to be broken. During a day’s rest for the horses we explore the surroundings on foot, take photographs, hike and if we are lucky observe moose, deer, coyotes and … bears. When the weather is good it’s possible to swim in the lake with the horses. A canoe for exploring the lake can be found at the landing stage.


horseback riding, riding canada, ranch vacation canada

horseback riding, riding canada, ranch vacation canada


Dates 2006

Trip 1:
June 17- June 25                              Can$ 1375
Trip 2:
July  21 - July 29                              Can$ 1375
Trip 3:
August 05- August 13                        Can$ 1375
Trip 4:
August 17 - August 25                       Can$ 1375
Trip 5:
September 10 – September 18            Can$ 1375
Trip 6:
September 23 - September 29             Can$ 1125

Includes accommodation, all meals, trail-ride, transfer from Williams Lake & return

All rates are subject to 7% GST.